Outtakes of A Walking Mistake - Anthony Paull WOOOOOOOW !! that was the first thing i thought of when i read this book .
At first in the few chapters in the beginning i was thinking that kid remind me of someone i didn't know who but there was something annoying about it , i can feel it in my bones then i realized that it was me .
It's the most realistic story i have ever read , Tyler is a real teen it's like i can see my self in him , but he was very strong and brave i'll be out of my mind if i was him .
The story is talking about almost everybody's problem *LOVE* , Tyler is a teenager gay boy who's trying to find love , the love that he fantasise , read and saw movies about all his life . it's not a coming out story like almost all the GLBTs , it's the real life of a teen .
I loved every word of it , enjoyed reading it and i definitely recommend it .