Reign: Genesis

Reign: Genesis - Jeffrey Wergin Genesis by Jeffrey Wergin

Ex-marine and family man, Owen Schaffer, is thrust into his dark apocalyptic destiny when a shadow government plunges the United States into disarray. The corkscrewed plot leads the man down a noxious, transformative path, which contests his usual knack for chivalry, forged by his guiding light—his seraphic wife, Emily. For their decade of marriage before the civil war began, she was able to keep him ignorant to his predestined identity, eventually also fooling herself into believing that they had outrun the secret, while blended in the normalcy of Midwestern American life. But it becomes increasingly difficult for her to hide what they are as her husband insists on taking a proactive approach to the military sweeping from coast to coast, crushing dissent and the rebellion one state at a time.

I got this book from the author for an honest review .

This book was good for a debut novel , a new idea with lots of potential , i liked some characters and others not very much , i just didn't relate to them .

The world creation was really good , the end was also nice and made me waiting for more to come . I didn't like one thing about this book and that was the religious references , i don't like it in novels .

I don't put spoilers in my reviews but this book is worth reading for sure .