I love to read . What ?

The Night Is Mine - M.L. Buchman This book had a lot of mess in it (pilots (SOAR) , military , FBI , the first lady , secret-agents , chefs and mommy issues) , it's a new read to me where a heroine is actually is military ops , she's not a needy brat nor i need no man bitch .
When you see a military romance the plot is automaticly about a guy but this book is about Ace-pilot Captain Emily Beale but as usual she's trying to prove herself as a woman in the military .
I liked Major Mark Henderson character and how he always had her back .
First book to me by this author and i think it's an opening for more to come .
Crimson Footprints - Shewanda Pugh I really enjoyed reading this book , didn't expect to but this was a good read .
I have always liked reading interracial romantic love stories , when i read that the book heroine was a biracial , oh i got really interested and it didn't disappoint me .

This contemporary romance by Shewanda Pugh is about Deena Hammond a bi-racial poor woman from the hood , she meet Takumi Tanaka a very rich guy by accident the night her brother got murdered , they develop a friendship that growing really fast to a forbidden love , but because it's a spoiler free review i'm not going any further , but i definitely recommend this book .

I got tingly feeling reading this book , can't wait to read more by this author .
Kiss an Angel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips This book reminded me of the old Harlequin it's overflowing with romance , i really did laughed and cried reading it .
The Dolittle's part was a little too much almost paranormal but not really is , mostly it was great .
Only In Her Dreams - Christina McKnight Can i read the next book like ... right now ?

Loved this book very much . Only In Her Dreams is a Paranormal Romance by Christina McKnight has lots of drama , an asshole husband , hot perfect hero and a father from Oneroi .

In first i couldn't make myself to start reading it or i just didn't have the time but when i start it i couldn't make myself to put it down , i read the whole book in one day , it's a quick fun read with lots of twists .
The end was fantastic and changed so much about the story .

Note to the author : please don't make us wait for book two .
American Love Songs - Ashlyn Kane A quick read , cute story . I liked the writing style with all the blogs and i always liked the little notes down in the pages thingy.

I am a big rock , rock themed books (everything rock) fan so that was an advantage for this book i had fun reading it , Jake was hilarious , Parker was sweet and i loved "almost" every character in this book .
Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire So as we all know i'm a cover ho and when i saw this book cover i didn't like it that much but it turned out to be one of those books that you don't judge by the covers .

A very cute , lovely story full of drama , 1st of all i'm in love with Travis . 2nd friends really ? .

I love me some bad boy after reading this book ohhhhhhhhh Travis Y U NO love me ?
I can't wait for the second book to be out .
Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward I gave it 3 stars just to not get stoned by J.R Ward and the book fans but i really didn't like the book at all . Believe me i like me some bad boy , tortured hero just like the next girl , but that was extreme . I didn't like all the attitude , the pity party and all the crap excuses ,i was tortured more reading this book , i think this was my last BDB book ever . SORRY :(
Forget You - Jennifer Echols Loved this book , it was cute easy read with a fluffy love story . this Young Adult Contemporary Romance with a twist of mystery after zoey 17 years old involved in a car accident one day and she can't remember what happend that day .

There were a bit of cliche like the bad boy hero character and the good everybody love heroine both with tormented nobody know about life .

But the crazy mom part was really good , warning be prepared to the most annoying twins in the world . I enjoyed reading this book .
The Fault in Our Stars - John Green Why ?

I finished reading ( The Fault in Our Stars by John Green ) again for the 45213444688 time , that was 4 hours ago and i'm still crying , i don't know - do i like to torture myself , or am i just too stupid to stop ?
What i know is i'm a sucker for this book :'( :') :)
Very realistic , full of emotions and unbelievably beautiful .
Its without a doubt the best book in 2012
Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout TBR in 5 months ...
Whisper Cape - Susan Griscom The story is about this girl Addison who's having nightmares after the death of her father but those nightmares seemed very real , everything began with a note her father left her ( Addison will come of age, then she will inherit the powers )

This book was a little slow for me but i really liked the story especially the romance ,it was well written and interesting reading material with a very good ending .
Into Deep Waters (Love is Always Write) - Kaje Harper Can't even describe how much i loved it , it made me emotional i cryed , i laughed .I felt sorry for them i don't think love is something we can control so if someone loved anyone it's their heart's choice ,i mean who are we to judg other people's life i don't know how people can be judgmental , selfish ,arrogant , heartless but one thing i know is ; if you are not involved in something you don't have the right to say , do or even think about it . And what a beautiful ending ^_^ . (stop the hate ,stop hurting people)
Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye OMG! this book is coming directly out of one of my dreams LOL
The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks I give the story 5 stars and ZEFRON 5 stars ,5+5=10 so i give this book 10 ★★★★★★★★★★ Goodreads we need more stars .
The Emerald City (Osland Trilogy, #1) - J.A. Beard Great story , love the Cover . This book reminds me of lots of beautiful stories ; its like a great mix of Jane Eyre , Harry Potter Series and Wild Child movie .
Gail is an orphan kid who lost her parents recently ,her uncle and aunt send her to (Osland Academy) boarding school in Seattle , she got bullied and had enemies since day one but most of all is the supernatural thing that going on in that place .
Well written story ,nice characters ,great reading material i Recommend it for Paranormal YA ,fantasy ,Harry Potter lovers .
Angel Evolution - David Estes This book was awesome , it's really worked my imagination i like it all : the Angels , the Demons the storylines . how good is good and bad is bad and good is bad and bad is good }:) confused ? read the book !

I loved the story but most of all becouse i'm a romantic person ; the romance in this book was satisfying , i read lots of YA and there is always leak of romance , but the love story between Taylor and Gabriel , Samantha and Christopher really hooked me .
I like the story , the pilot , the characters and definitely the Romance . It is the first time i'm reading by this Author , i really liked his style in writing .

Can't wait to read book 2 in the trilogy Demon Evolution .

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